Customer comments...

Hi Dallas, I picked the ring up from town today. I am absolutely delighted! It is beautiful and fits my middle finger of my right hand perfectly or index finger of my left. The sapphires are the most beautiful blue!  I may even get some earrings down the track too! I like the basic studs very much.

Annette Hill - April 2016

Good Afternoon Dallas and Jack  -  Both of my beautiful rings have arrived today safe and sound and they are just divine.

Thank you both for all your efforts in helping me with my purchase - the yellow sapphire is just sooooo spectacular and my “Sweet Georgia” in the blue sapphires is just that  …..ever sooo gorgeous…..

Thanking you once again and hopefully we will call in to Inverell on our next trip down south - and Jim says he loves them as well.

Glenda Garrow - April 2016

Good morning Dallas. Wow the ring looks great and Tina was touched to have a ring name. Also sent a copy to my fashion friend in Melbourne and she thought it was beautiful. It has certainly been a most enjoyable and successful journey with the rings with your talent and my complete trust in you. Hope you have a merry Xmas and a successful new year and if you are up this way would love to see you.

Christie Meyers - December 2015

Hi Dallas, I haven't forgotten about you down there in NSW. This pendant should go nicely with the earrings I bought a while back. Hope you are keeping well.

Rani - October 2015