Navel Ring

Customer comments...

I am eternally grateful for all the jewerly you had made for me and they are so greatly admired. They all have the wow factor. All the best.

Christie - June 2018

Thank you for your lovely sapphire jewellery, we love what we have bought form you. Your gems are beautiful. Take care, keep up your good work.

Elaine & Peter - December 2018

Just wanted to say thank you for your patience in the purchase. 

It truly is a beautiful ring. I love the it! Steve loves it. 

We are both so happy.

Wilhelmina - January 2019

The girls adored their pendants at Christmas. They feel so pretty with something so precious. Maddy has been looking after hers. Charlotte has to give hers back to mum for safekeeping after she wears it. Thank you so much.

Alanna - January 2019