Navel Ring

Customer comments...

Hi Dallas, I haven't forgotten about you down there in NSW. This pendant should go nicely with the earrings I bought a while back. Hope you are keeping well.

Rani - October 2015

Hi Dallas, Thank you so much for my lovely ring! Once again, the sapphire is gorgeous and the workmanship is very high quality. I particularly like the open panels in the side of the ring that let the light in under the stone. I am super excited to have 2 gorgeous rings to wear and I am very grateful for all that you have done. Thanks so much Dallas... I'll be sure to shop with you again in future.

Jen Tait - July 2015

The crucifix arrived OK and looks great. Thank you for your excellent service.

Craig Townsend - June 2015

My husband surprised me with one of your stunning rings for our anniversary. It is just beautiful. A few girlfriends have noticed it and mentioned it before I got a chance. I love the size and colour of the sapphire and the amount of gold in it, yet it is still delicate and beautiful. It's just stunning. I absolutely love it!

Alanna Carse - October 2016