Navel Ring

Customer comments...

Dallas, I would love that thanks! I did receive some information about the Jemmimah ring but I don’t think it was a Romance Card….great business idea. You know, I look through Etsy and over the Internet frequently and the quality and price you offer for your sapphires (and knowing they are Australian ones) is unbeatable….and now with a little extra personalised touch about the piece…just lovely. Sounds like you really enjoy doing business because you take so much pride in what you do.


Annette - March 2017

There's nothing plain about Kings Plains.
For finer gems, you'd search in vain.
From tons of rough, they skim the cream, for Sapphires like a deep blue dream.

When I wear mine, people will stare,
and ask what gorgeous stone I wear.
It is a fact, it's no conundrum:-
this really is the best corundum!

Una (via Gem Adventurer) - April 2017

Bought the star sapphire ring. Very happy with it thank you very much my now fiance loves it. Thank you.

Maurice Nutton - April 2017

Dear Dallas, I gave my sister in law the necklace this week and can finally tell you it looks as beautiful as I thought it would. 3 stunning sapphires in the most elegant, beautiful setting, it really is superb. She is thrilled with it and it was a thrill to give her such a treasure. Thank you so much for your help.



Jared Laurie - September 2017