Sterling Silver Bracelets

Simple but sophisticated silver.

Customer comments...

Hi Dallas, Thank you so much for my lovely ring! Once again, the sapphire is gorgeous and the workmanship is very high quality. I particularly like the open panels in the side of the ring that let the light in under the stone. I am super excited to have 2 gorgeous rings to wear and I am very grateful for all that you have done. Thanks so much Dallas... I'll be sure to shop with you again in future.

Jen Tait - July 2015

The crucifix arrived OK and looks great. Thank you for your excellent service.

Craig Townsend - June 2015

My husband surprised me with one of your stunning rings for our anniversary. It is just beautiful. A few girlfriends have noticed it and mentioned it before I got a chance. I love the size and colour of the sapphire and the amount of gold in it, yet it is still delicate and beautiful. It's just stunning. I absolutely love it!

Alanna Carse - October 2016

My parcel arrived this morning and I’m very pleased with the earrings. They are a perfect match for the pendant my husband gave me for our anniversary. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Ailsa - February 2017