Sterling Silver Bracelets

Simple but sophisticated silver.

Customer comments...

My husband surprised me with one of your stunning rings for our anniversary. It is just beautiful. A few girlfriends have noticed it and mentioned it before I got a chance. I love the size and colour of the sapphire and the amount of gold in it, yet it is still delicate and beautiful. It's just stunning. I absolutely love it!

Alanna Carse - October 2016

My parcel arrived this morning and I’m very pleased with the earrings. They are a perfect match for the pendant my husband gave me for our anniversary. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Ailsa - February 2017

Thank you so very much for turning my special stone into an exquisite piece.

I am so grateful for your advice and you have done a wonderful job of making me a ring that I will treasure forever. The color of the stone is outstanding with your design and the ring is beautifully made and fits perfectly.

Warmest regards


Joanne Bowden - March 2017

Dallas, I would love that thanks! I did receive some information about the Jemmimah ring but I don’t think it was a Romance Card….great business idea. You know, I look through Etsy and over the Internet frequently and the quality and price you offer for your sapphires (and knowing they are Australian ones) is unbeatable….and now with a little extra personalised touch about the piece…just lovely. Sounds like you really enjoy doing business because you take so much pride in what you do.


Annette - March 2017