Sterling Silver

Customer comments...

Thank you Dallas for my jewellery, I love it all. Everything is beautiful!

Jo - August 2011

Thank you soo much for my ring and the feather pendant. I'm really pleased with it and wear it with pride. I'm sure lizzie will love her "feather" and can't wait to give it to her.  Thanks again so much for doing this for me.

Margaret - November 2011

Just a quick note to say thankyou so much for making Mum's ring, it's so unique and beautiful - just what I wanted. I can't wait to see the reaction I get from Mum - I'm sure that she will love it.
I am very happy with all pieces.
Thanks again Dallas, and take care.

Terrianne - November 2011

Thanks for taking the time to spend with me today, I appreciate it very much and am so excited.

Sonya - April 2012