What our clients are saying

Thank you very much for your professional and personal touch in producing a beautiful ring for my daughter's 18th. The workmanship and product coming out of your mine is remarkable. Can't wait to give it to her. Thanks again.

Liz - March 2019

The girls adored their pendants at Christmas. They feel so pretty with something so precious. Maddy has been looking after hers. Charlotte has to give hers back to mum for safekeeping after she wears it. Thank you so much.

Alanna - January 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for your patience in the purchase. 

It truly is a beautiful ring. I love the it! Steve loves it. 

We are both so happy.

Wilhelmina - January 2019

Thank you for your lovely sapphire jewellery, we love what we have bought form you. Your gems are beautiful. Take care, keep up your good work.

Elaine & Peter - December 2018

I am eternally grateful for all the jewerly you had made for me and they are so greatly admired. They all have the wow factor. All the best.

Christie - June 2018

Good evening Dallas, the rings have arrived, thanks so much they look fantastic. Very happy, well worth the wait.

Glenn - May 2018

The ring arrived safely and is now proudly placed on Julie's finger. She loves the ring. It fits her finger beautifully, thank you.

Darral - March 2018

Hi Dallas,

Your newsletter is the only one I actually read start to finish when I get it.  All the others I just delete.

The green sapphire ring on the newsletter is stunning.  I look forward to seeing the other pieces.  I really should look for some pretty earrings.

Leanne Broadbent - February 2018

The earrings arrived Monday. They're great, thanks (here's hoping my wife also loves them)! I'll definitely keep you in mind for future jewelry purchases!

Maurice - October 2017

Dear Dallas, I gave my sister in law the necklace this week and can finally tell you it looks as beautiful as I thought it would. 3 stunning sapphires in the most elegant, beautiful setting, it really is superb. She is thrilled with it and it was a thrill to give her such a treasure. Thank you so much for your help.



Jared Laurie - September 2017

Bought the star sapphire ring. Very happy with it thank you very much my now fiance loves it. Thank you.

Maurice Nutton - April 2017

There's nothing plain about Kings Plains.
For finer gems, you'd search in vain.
From tons of rough, they skim the cream, for Sapphires like a deep blue dream.

When I wear mine, people will stare,
and ask what gorgeous stone I wear.
It is a fact, it's no conundrum:-
this really is the best corundum!

Una (via Gem Adventurer) - April 2017

Dallas, I would love that thanks! I did receive some information about the Jemmimah ring but I don’t think it was a Romance Card….great business idea. You know, I look through Etsy and over the Internet frequently and the quality and price you offer for your sapphires (and knowing they are Australian ones) is unbeatable….and now with a little extra personalised touch about the piece…just lovely. Sounds like you really enjoy doing business because you take so much pride in what you do.


Annette - March 2017

Thank you so very much for turning my special stone into an exquisite piece.

I am so grateful for your advice and you have done a wonderful job of making me a ring that I will treasure forever. The color of the stone is outstanding with your design and the ring is beautifully made and fits perfectly.

Warmest regards


Joanne Bowden - March 2017

My parcel arrived this morning and I’m very pleased with the earrings. They are a perfect match for the pendant my husband gave me for our anniversary. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

Ailsa - February 2017

My husband surprised me with one of your stunning rings for our anniversary. It is just beautiful. A few girlfriends have noticed it and mentioned it before I got a chance. I love the size and colour of the sapphire and the amount of gold in it, yet it is still delicate and beautiful. It's just stunning. I absolutely love it!

Alanna Carse - October 2016

Good Afternoon Dallas and Jack  -  Both of my beautiful rings have arrived today safe and sound and they are just divine.

Thank you both for all your efforts in helping me with my purchase - the yellow sapphire is just sooooo spectacular and my “Sweet Georgia” in the blue sapphires is just that  …..ever sooo gorgeous…..

Thanking you once again and hopefully we will call in to Inverell on our next trip down south - and Jim says he loves them as well.

Glenda Garrow - April 2016

Hi Dallas, I picked the ring up from town today. I am absolutely delighted! It is beautiful and fits my middle finger of my right hand perfectly or index finger of my left. The sapphires are the most beautiful blue!  I may even get some earrings down the track too! I like the basic studs very much.

Annette Hill - April 2016

Good morning Dallas. Wow the ring looks great and Tina was touched to have a ring name. Also sent a copy to my fashion friend in Melbourne and she thought it was beautiful. It has certainly been a most enjoyable and successful journey with the rings with your talent and my complete trust in you. Hope you have a merry Xmas and a successful new year and if you are up this way would love to see you.

Christie Meyers - December 2015

Hi Dallas, I haven't forgotten about you down there in NSW. This pendant should go nicely with the earrings I bought a while back. Hope you are keeping well.

Rani - October 2015

Hi Dallas, Thank you so much for my lovely ring! Once again, the sapphire is gorgeous and the workmanship is very high quality. I particularly like the open panels in the side of the ring that let the light in under the stone. I am super excited to have 2 gorgeous rings to wear and I am very grateful for all that you have done. Thanks so much Dallas... I'll be sure to shop with you again in future.

Jen Tait - July 2015

The crucifix arrived OK and looks great. Thank you for your excellent service.

Craig Townsend - June 2015

I would like to thank you for having a stand at the car museum in Inverell. I purchased the most beautiful signet ring for my daughter. She was over the moon when she opened at Christmas. It has not left my daughters finger and she loves looking at your showroom. I am very proud to have something from my mothers home town to give to her granddaughter. I hope you don't mind I took the ring to show off at Good Year Jewellers in Gympie. They purchase their stock individually and thought it was beautiful.

Lyn Vollmerhausen - January 2015

With three daughters we have been having a magic time with the purchase of ten rings. They have all been brilliant, beautifully designed, extremely comfortable and greatly admired. It has been such a pleasure to deal with Dallas who, most importantly, I trust. I happily recommend My Sapphire to anyone who loves jewellery.


Christie Meyers - November 2014

The ring is beautiful! Very nice indeed.


Rani - May 2014

Dear Dallas and Jack,
Just wanted to pass on a big thank you from Amanda and I.
We both absolutely love the yellow sapphires and she has been proudly showing it off to everyone.
Will let you know when we are back at Inverell, as I am sure she would like to buy another one.
All the best and thank you, Amanda and Anthony

Anthony & Amanda - May 2014

WOW once again you have produced more stunning pieces of jewellery. Thank you for your professionalism, talent and service. My girls are exquisitely decked out in your beautiful pieces.

Christie - November 2013

Ring received with thanks. It's lovely and fits perfectly. 

Kathryn - June 2013

Hi Dallas, How are you? It's Jise from Oneils Affiliated Brisbane office the girl that bought 'the modern looking Sapphire Crystal slice ring' from you while we were in Inverell? It has been absolute pleasure wearing the ring and I have been talking about it a lot to my friends. It is such a good feeling to possess the first gemstone ring for me. Angela got her ring valued and it came amazingly so I will get mine valued as well. I will definitely keep you posted on that. Just thought that I would say hi and thank you for offering me an amazing ring for an amazing price. Have a good day and talk soon.

Jise Jung - May 2013

Thanks for taking the time to spend with me today, I appreciate it very much and am so excited.

Sonya - April 2012

Just a quick note to say thankyou so much for making Mum's ring, it's so unique and beautiful - just what I wanted. I can't wait to see the reaction I get from Mum - I'm sure that she will love it.
I am very happy with all pieces.
Thanks again Dallas, and take care.

Terrianne - November 2011

Wow I cannot take my eyes off the ring it is magnificent and looks fantastic on the pointer finger it is a knockout a real family heirloom. Have just had my neighbours over and they are from the Casino gem club most impressed. The earrings are beautifully done and the backing is so detailed and delicate, please convey to your jeweller how pleased I am. Thank you Dallas you are the best. 

Christie - November 2011

Thank you soo much for my ring and the feather pendant. I'm really pleased with it and wear it with pride. I'm sure lizzie will love her "feather" and can't wait to give it to her.  Thanks again so much for doing this for me.

Margaret - November 2011

Thank you Dallas for my jewellery, I love it all. Everything is beautiful!

Jo - August 2011